2021 Wine Days - All the reasons to celebrate!

Wine Days Jan 5, 2021

The year is only 6 days old, but already we are facing challenges. In South Africa wine (alcohol) sales have once again been banned in an effort to reduce the pressure on the health care sector. Here, in the UK, we've just been put into another strict lockdown in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. The more I think about it, the more this paragraph reads like the introduction to a science fiction novel. 😳

Luckily, through all of this, we still have wonderful people making wonderful wines that we will be able to enjoy this year. So diarise these dates and join me for a tasting and discussion about the wines on their respective days!


Sadly no wines to celebrate, other than the leftovers from Christmas and New Year's Eve. 🍷


1 - International Furmint Day

16 - International Syrah Day

18 - International Drink Wine Day

27 - Open that bottle night (the perfect excuse to open THAT bottle that you have been saving for so long - I might just open my remaining bottled of Rupert and Rothschild Baron Edmund)


3 - Mulled Wine Day

13 - Riesling Day


17 - International Malbec Day

27 - Marselan Day

30 - International Viognier Day


7 - International Sauvignon Blanc Day

9 - World Moscato Day

17 - Pinot Grigio Day

21 - International Sabrage Day 🗡

24 - Judgement of Paris

25 - Lanquedoc Day

27 - International Chardonnay Day


18 - International Chenin Blanc Day

21 - World Lambrusco Day

25 - International Rosé Day


Unfortunately there are no specific wine days to celebrate this month, but who needs a reason to have some good wine?


1 - 5 Albariño Days

4 - White Wine Day (mainly USA)

18 - International Pinot Noir Day

21 - Shiraz Day (South Africa)

28 - Red Wine Day (mainly USA)


1 - MCC Day

2 - International Cabernet Sauvignon Day

17 - International Grenache Day


9 - Pinotage Day

9 - 16 Drink Local Wine Week

15 - World Champagne Day

28 - Carignan Day


1 - Xinomavro Day

7 - International Merlot Day

7 - International Wine Tourism Day

11 - International Tempranillo Day

17 - Zinfandel Day

18 - Beaujolais Nouveau Day

24 - Carmenère Day


1 - International Maratheftiko Day

4 - Cabernet Franc Day

10 - Tokaj Aszú Day

20 - Sangria Day

31 - Champagne Day

If you know of any days that I have missed, or that we should create and add, leave a comment below or send me an email!


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